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Supporting CORI

Funding for the Contracting & Organizations Research Institutes is almost exclusively from charitable donations and grants. There are many ways you and your organization can support CORI's educational and research programs and the on-going development of the CORI K-Base. Donations, made payable to The University of Missouri-Columbia, are tax-deductible. Now you can even give online! Simply choose "Other Fund" from the drop-down menu, enter a dollar amount, and type "CORI" in the text box below. Then proceed with making your gift.

Charitable Gifts & Endowments

Your charitable financial contribution helps keep CORI going. Gifts can be made in any amount. In addition to supporting CORI's general operations, consider making a gift that will make an on-going impact by establishing a named fellowship or endowment to support CORI's programs. Opportunities include:

  • The CORI K-Base
  • Graduate and undergraduate research fellowships
  • Chaired faculty positions

Sponsored Research Programs & Grants

CORI's faculty fellows regularly engage in research activity that may be of interest to specific foundations, corporations, or other granting agencies. We are always interested in exploring potential sponsored research programs that fit with CORI's overall mission and research resources. Current research projects include:

  • Performance effects of franchise organizational choice
  • Entrepreneur's choice of organizational form and its implications for performance
  • Economic implications of franchise regulations

Contributions of Contracts & Data

CORI is constantly seeking contracts of all types. Contracts can be donated strictly for confidential Academic Research or for various levels of more open access. In addition to supporting important research, contributions of contract collections may qualify as tax-deductible charitable donations. CORI is also available to host and archive datasets for general use or distribution. If you or your organization has an interest in contributing contracts to the collection, in either hardcopy or digital form, contact Michael Sykuta.

[Coase Lecture 2001]

Ronald Coase delivers the inaugural CORI Lecture at MU in 2001.