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CORI Personnel & Affiliates

CORI Directors

Michael Sykuta, Director, and Associate Professor of Agribusiness

Stephen P. Ferris, Associate Director, Professor of Finance and J.H. Rogers Chair of Money, Credit and Banking

CORI Senior Faculty Fellows

Royce de R. Barondes, Associate Professor of Law

Michael L. Cook, R.D. Partridge Professor of Cooperative Leadership

Eric A. Helland, William F. Podlich Professor of Economics, Claremont McKenna College

John S. Howe, Missouri Bankers Chair Professor of Finance

Harvey S. James, Jr., Associate Professor of Agribusiness

Peter G. Klein, Professor of Agribusiness

Thom Lambert, Wall Chair of Corporate Law and Governance

Jeffrey Milyo, Middlebush Professor of the Social Sciences

CORI Graduate Research Fellows

Matthew Svuem

CORI Staff

James H. Cutts, III, Computer Project Manager

Amanda Swaim, Administrative Assistant

[CORI Founders]

CORI Founders Stephen Ferris, Robert Lawless and Michael Sykuta with Ronald Coase at Chicago Booth School in 2000.