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Happenings @ CORI

We are currently developing Continuing Legal Education (CLE) classes on the concept of value-creating contracts. These courses will provide attorneys with a better understanding of the economics of the business deal and how different contract terms work together not only to protect, but to enhance the value of the transaction for their clients. We expect the first course to be offered in Fall 2013.

Starting in Fall 2011, the Division of Applied Social Sciences began offering a Graduate Certificate in the Economics and Sociology of Institutions and Organizations. The certificate can be part of a graduate degree program at the University of Missouri or a stand-alone program for someone who has previously earned or is pursuing a graduate degree elsewhere. CORI is one of the partnering organizations for the new certificate program and its research workshop. We encourage scholars interested in institutional and organizational studies to consider visiting MU to take part in this certificate program.


On the CORI Calendar

August 4-6, 2013
CORI Director Dr. Michael Sykuta and CORI Graduate Fellow Matt Sveum will be participating in workshops at the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association's annual meetings in Washington, D.C. Mr. Sveum and Dr. Sykuta will be presenting research on the effects of franchise organizational structures on productivity of individual establishments. Dr. Sykuta will also be a discussant on an invited paper session titled “The Forces Without…and Within: When Conflicting Goals in the Food Industry Contribute to Obesigenic Environments."

June 10-11, 2013
CORI Director Dr. Michael Sykuta is participating in "Why the Wires Matter: A Broadband Policy Seminar for a New Generation of Scholars", sponsored by Rutgers University and New York School of Law.

[Coase Lecture 2001]

Ronald Coase delivers the inaugural CORI Lecture at MU in 2001.