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Happenings @ CORI

CORI Senior Fellow Thomas Lambert recently published a new book titled How To Regulate: A Guide for Policymakers. The book provides a systematic process for evaluating "market failures" and potential policy responses.

CORI Senior Fellow John Howe and contributor Robb Corrigan recently pubished a new book titled The Foolish Corner: Avoiding Mind Trips in Personal Financial Decisions. The book is written for lay audiences to better understand behavior biases and traps in decision-making.

New Graduate Option in Organizational Economics -- The graduate program in Agricultural & Applied Economics at the Universtiy of Missouri is offering a newly designed emphasis area in agribusiness and organizational economics, at both the MS and PhD levels, effective Fall 2018. Students in the program will receive a strong foundation in microeconomic theory, a variety of quantitative methods, and a core of courses in organizational economics and management. For more information about the program or information for applying, see the Organizational Economics graduate studies page. Funding is available for exceptional students.

[Coase Lecture 2001]

Ronald Coase delivers the inaugural CORI Lecture at MU in 2001.