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Contracting & Organizations Research Institute

The Contracting and Organizations Research Institute (CORI) is an interdisciplinary research institute dedicated to the study of the organization and structure of economic enterprise and of the effects of legal, political, social, and economic institutions on the structure and performance of economic organizations. CORI was founded in 2000 to encourage and enable empirical research on contracting and organizational structure, drawing on such fields as economics, law, business, and related social sciences.

CORI scholars are engaged in a variety of research areas, as well as working with students to prepare them for professional and academic careers in business, economics, and law.


"Elgar Companion to Transaction Cost Economics"

CORI Senior Fellow Dr. Peter Klein and Director Dr. Michael Sykuta edited a volume on transaction cost economics, which provides a review of the theory's origins, its influence on a range of research fields, and some critiques. The Elgar Companion to Transaction Cost Economics will be of particular interest to practitioners of business law and antitrust, corporate executives and management consultants. Additionally, academic researchers, scholars and students of economics, business and law will find it an invaluable reference.


[Coase Lecture 2001]

Ronald Coase delivers the inaugural
CORI Lecture at MU in 2002.