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The Contracting and Organizations Research Institute is an interdisciplinary research institute dedicated to the study of the organization and structure of economic enterprise and of the effects of legal, political, social, and economic institutions on the structure and performance of economic organizations. CORI was founded to encourage and enable empirical research on contracting and organizational structure, drawing on such fields as economics, law, business, and related social sciences.
ATOM - Analyse Théorique des Organisations et des Marchés, University of Paris I - Sorbonne
ATOM (Analytical Theory of Organizations and Markets) is a research center in economics. Our research program belongs to what is now called New Institutional Economics, broadly defined. It also includes research based on recent development in industrial organization. ATOM is directed by CORI Advisory Board member Claude Ménard.
CNISS - Center for New Institutional Social Sciences, Washington University
The Center fosters and encourages research and education in the new institutional social sciences.
McCEL - McQuinn Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, University of Missouri-Columbia
McCEL's mission is to foster entrepreneurial knowledge and attitudes within students and faculty of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, to support entrepreneurship within MU and across rural Missouri, and to conduct teaching, research and outreach on entrepreneurship.
PENSA - Programa de Estudos dos Negócios do Sistema Agroindustrial, University of São Paulo
PENSA is a leading center for research and graduate education in the economics and ogranziation of agribusiness in Brazil. PENSA is directed by CORI Advisory Board member Decio Zylbersztajn.
ALEA - American Law & Economics Association
The American Law and Economics Association is dedicated to the advancement of economic understanding of law and related areas of public policy and regulation.
ISNIE - International Society for New Institutional Economics
ISNIE was founded in 1997 to promote interdisciplinary research in new institutional economics by providing an academic forum in which scholars from a variety of backgrounds are welcomed to share their research.
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